[Bf-committers] Fwd: putting up a repository for blender contents

Jonathan-David SCHRODER myselfhimself at free.fr
Wed Apr 9 23:48:24 CEST 2008

 I have a applied for a Summer of Code at the Blender Foundation some
 days ago, under the title "Blender assets updater/downloader : online
 repositories browsing and downloading".

 I am in discussion on freedesktop's GHNS (get hot new stuff) list :
 for now on how I would implement communication with a server which
 uses the GHNS protocol.
 What has appeared quickly is that they propose to set up a
 server/domain specific for blender for me to start expimenting /
 customizing things :
 "If you want to focus on the client side implementation I can setup a
 community website and a GHNS interface for blender or other projects
 in a few days." (by Frank Karlitschek yesterday on
 http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/ghns/2008-April/000096.html )


 "I can setup a new community website for blender in less than a week
 together with a REST api for you. I can also integrate this website
 into the openDesktop.org network so it is getting promotion and users
 fast." (by Frank Karlitschek today on
 http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/ghns/2008-April/000100.html )

 Other repository websites using the interface Frank proposes are : one for
 I still haven't answered yes or no to Frank for now. Seeing how big
 the website that may be deployed is, and seeing the list of open
 source software communities already having such a website (see list

 For applications :
 For artwork :
 For linux distributions:

 One site that may be of interest to you is : www.opentemplate.org
 which proposes templates for open office writer, calc, impress ...
 that is to say graphical content in some way.From their FAQ page :
 "The clipart that the Open Clip Art Library provides is intended first
 and foremost for users of Open Source applications such as Inkscape,
 Sodipodi, OpenOffice.org, AbiWord, but also for any and all other
 applications which allow SVG to be used."
 I would like to do something similar for blender data and other file
 formats related to 3d if needed.

 I am completely OK on the following tasks (according to my SoC
 proposal) for a blender contents repository + blender python client
 project which would:
 - have a web server + interface running to host blender contents (in
 my case, that could be started up by Frank Karlitschek using the GHNS
 - have a protocol defined (I'll probably use the REST procotol with
 opendesktop.org's REST API)
 - have a blender client script with UI, to
 preview/browse/download(&update blender's running scene/blender
 assets)/upload content to the repository.
 and I am ready to work on this from now.
 - expose to download all kinds of Blender contents : scripts,
 materials, textures, models, node setups, logick bricks setups, other
 file formats etc... (note : what I've seen that exists for now is :
 www.blender-materials.org for materials only and provides a blender
 python client, and models repository such as
 http://www.katorlegaz.com/ for which I don't know if there are Blender
 python clients )

 I am not sure that my SoC 2008 proposal will be accepted, however I
 agree and am willing to work on this blender assets project whether it
 be under a SoC or not.

 If ever a blender assets repository were to exist, would the Blender
 Foundation want to "sponsor" it / make it official ? Or should it be a
 community project ?

 I am on the right place to post this message ?

 Best regards,
 Jonathan-david Schröder


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