[Bf-committers] NDOF branch - problems and status

Jonathan Lessard jonathan at absurdus.net
Sun Oct 21 12:01:08 CEST 2007

Salutations to you, benevolent developers,

I've been using the NDOF branch under Windows for a while now. I compile it
myself whenever there are changes it the SVN. It works pretty well but it's
quite slow compared to the normal method for manipulating the camera;
sometimes very significantly with heavier scenes.

Also, I was wondering if it was possible to have the turntable (I think
that's the mode) camera rotation dependent upon the actual view angle. The
problem often is that when you're not aligned to your model, it's impossible
with the Space Navigator to view it straight again since the camera rotates
around the axis of the model and not the view.

Finally, I was wondering about the status of this branch. The development
seems to have slowed down. Will it be incorporated in the main branch soon?
Because I want to keep using my device but I do not want to miss the new
Blender features coming up!

Best regards,


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