[Bf-committers] Building FFMPEG on MINGW

Joe Eagar joeedh at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 21:36:51 CEST 2007

Timothy Baldridge wrote:
> Probably because not all systems running Blender on x86 have SSE, but
> I'd hope by this time all of them have MMX (is there a proc > 200mhz
> that doesn't?).
> Timothy
I thought SSE2 was fairly old.  Hrm, wikipedia says it started with the 
pentium 4 in 2001.  So I guess some people
with older/cheaper used systems wouldn't have it.  SSE1 started with the 
pentium 3 in 1999 though, so I'd say 95% of blender users has it.

Only advantage of SSE is support for floating-point types though (eh if 
I remember right); if floating-point isn't needed then there's no point, 
I guess.


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