[Bf-committers] GSOC audio on windows

Kent Mein mein at cs.umn.edu
Wed Oct 3 16:48:45 CEST 2007

In reply to Mathias Wein (lynx at yafray.org):

Hi Mathias,

I was actually working on creating Makefiles for the project and ran
into the same problems.  If you want to send me a patch of anything you
have done, I can probably get it applied to the branch.  I sent
casaba an email awhile back about it but haven't heard anything.

It shouldn't be too hard to whip it into shape though.



> Hi,
> today i tried to compile the soc-2007-hcube branch on windows,
> but there are lots of problems unfortunately.
> Setup is scons with VC++ 2005 compiler on Windows XP.
> WITH_BF_MAD and WITH_BF_VORBIS options don't really work, the
> code simply doesn't compile if any of them is set to 'false', which meant
> i had to build all of them first. Even worse, "Jack" doesn't seem to exist
> for windows, so i had to hack that out.
> After a though fight with portaudio, i got it compiled and thought i'd
> finally have everything to make this thing compile.
> Then, it compiled indeed, but didn't link. I noticed that the
> "<foo>_LIBPATH" settings of the new dependencies were all missing in
> final linking so i had to change the scons scripts some more.
> Just when i thought it has to work now, it errored because vorbis conflicted
> with ffmpeg due to duplicate symbols.
> So, i gave up and declared the first experiment as failure...
> Maybe building everything as shared library would solve that last one,
> but i've burned enough time for today...
> I'm curious what results other people got...
> Mathias
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