[Bf-committers] GSOC audio on windows

Mathias Wein lynx at yafray.org
Tue Oct 2 20:36:39 CEST 2007


today i tried to compile the soc-2007-hcube branch on windows,
but there are lots of problems unfortunately.
Setup is scons with VC++ 2005 compiler on Windows XP.

WITH_BF_MAD and WITH_BF_VORBIS options don't really work, the
code simply doesn't compile if any of them is set to 'false', which meant
i had to build all of them first. Even worse, "Jack" doesn't seem to exist
for windows, so i had to hack that out.
After a though fight with portaudio, i got it compiled and thought i'd
finally have everything to make this thing compile.
Then, it compiled indeed, but didn't link. I noticed that the
"<foo>_LIBPATH" settings of the new dependencies were all missing in
final linking so i had to change the scons scripts some more.
Just when i thought it has to work now, it errored because vorbis conflicted
with ffmpeg due to duplicate symbols.
So, i gave up and declared the first experiment as failure...

Maybe building everything as shared library would solve that last one,
but i've burned enough time for today...

I'm curious what results other people got...


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