[Bf-committers] supporting 6Dof devices on blender.

Jean-Luc Peurière jlp at nerim.net
Sun May 27 21:48:42 CEST 2007

Le 18 mai 07 à 12:39, Jean-Luc Peurière a écrit :

> A feature request that pops frequently is support for 6DOF devices
> (generally those from 3Dconnexion).

> So adding application side drivers HID support in blender  (ghost)
> would allow us to bypass the SDK and hence use the devices. Added
> bonus is that we can support any proper USB device like joystick,
> gamepads and so on.
> Linux support could use xinput too, but unfortunately this is far
> from portable to other OSes, so the HID road is the most promising i
> think

As several have expressed interest, a plan was agreed on meeting today :

- I will create a (temporal) new branch on svn where i will commit  
the 2.44
ported  patch (Note it probably wont be a working one, as the initial  
assumed windows only, and i tweaked some bits).

- From there, Ettore can work on the same code as us, working on the  
for all platforms 3Dconnexion support, which is what he said he was  
working on.
Do i'm right it is linux, windows, macos X ?
For macos X, it is ok to weak link the plug-in to the driver framework.

To avoid license troubles, we cannot host the plug-in code on our  
blender svn.
Either 3Dconnexion will have to host it, or we put it somewhere else.
The plug-in code  (one tiny cpp file, could be C) must be LGPL.

- In the mean time, i will work on adding HID support to ghost. HID,  
being a much
general solution, provide us a more versatile tool, but only for USB  
More work, but better in the long term. Having the 2 solutions in is  
the best deal.

- We thought about using 3 modes :

*  moving object selection with or without dominant mode (basically  
it is a transform
    of the object)
*  moving the view camera.

- I will create a wiki page where we can discuss the features we want

I take the ownership of the branch, meaning it is my duty to kept it  
in sync with trunk.
Non bf-commiters can send me patches i will apply to svn.

I will create the branch and wiki after having heard your comments if  
probably tomorrow.



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