[Bf-committers] supporting 6Dof devices on blender.

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Thu May 24 10:29:35 CEST 2007


> Ettore Pasquini wrote:
> Our thinking was to have an external (GPL'ed) plugin that contains all  
> the
> 3Dx API calls, and then dlopen this inside blender.  We would really  
> like to
> distribute this plugin with blender for a better user experience, but  
> I am
> not sure if the GPL allows it?
> I guess it would not be absolutely necessary: a sub-optimal alternative
> could be that we take care of distributing and  installing the plugin.

For efficient device support, the more you can maintain and distribute  
yourselves the better. You then can also control the installation  
process better; your clients will trust your installer to do the right  
thing. (Blender doesn't require installation).

For our GPL it is important is that we do not distribute code ourselves  
that dlopens non-gpl compliant  plugins. So your latter solution is  
acceptable, and will keep most control also in the hands of your  
company. To summarize;

- we make the necessary adapatations in Blender code (in ghost library  
probably) to dlopen a 3Dconnexion library (LGPL or GPL). Blender runs  
nicely without that library.
- that 3Dconnexion library + other software is then being distributed  
by you.

Making available a GPLed library and API for your product is future  
proof too, in case the company decides to open up more of their  
technology. I also think the approach could be an invitation for other  
GPL programs to use it.

Anyone on this list sees troubles with the above?

>> Lastly; I would recommend 3Dconnexion to fully open up their driver
>> code or API. That will make it a much easier decision, and opens up
>> Linux as market as well.
> That's true, but I am afraid that convincing my company to open the  
> entire
> driver (on all platforms) will be extremely hard. In any case, all the
> blender related code will be open, plugin included.

Well, let's see how succesful the first launch goes. :)

To everyone: I am mailing with 3Dconnexion marketing to assist them  
finding their way in the Blender world and advising on advertisement  
issues. All of that outside of blender.org, although we could add a  
page on blender.org describing this kind of device support.
I'm also trying to get some devices sponsored for key developers here.  
:) Later more,


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton at blender.org  


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