[Bf-committers] 3D layers and local subdivision

Konrad Kleine konrad.kleine at gmx.de
Sun May 20 20:15:19 CEST 2007


when exploring the rich fundus of other 3D software packages I noticed
the 3D layers in Mudbox. Is anybody familiar with them or are there
plans to implement such a thing in Blender?

As an explanation: The 3D layers provide a method to work on different
parts of a model on separate layers and then change the influence of
each layer by changing the layers transparency. Nice, eh?

Another nice feature of Mudbox is called local subdivision. Again, will
there be a comparable method in Blender or is there already one I'm not
familiar with?

The frontpage http://www.mudbox3d.com/ provides nice overview of the
features. It's worth watching!



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