[Bf-committers] supporting 6Dof devices on blender.

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun May 20 15:49:15 CEST 2007


The "About" can also open a browser with a link to the Blender website,  
with all the proper licensing issues and credits for contributors.  
Doing that, will also give our users the confirmation such crediting is  
correct and not advertisement or misleading.

I really don't like the idea of bundling blender with additional  
crediting requirements. The splash is also no advertisement place and  
not for sale.

Blender distributions can only be done with GPL compliant content. In  
that respect 3Dconnexion can make their API or code available for us.  
It then gets distributed on equal terms as for openal, opengl, superlu,  
and so on.

Alternative is to not have any 3Dconnexion code in our distros, but  
allow a running Blender to open external libraries (dlopen). That means  
dynamic linking, and no dependencies.

Lastly; I would recommend 3Dconnexion to fully open up their driver  
code or API. That will make it a much easier decision, and opens up  
Linux as market as well.


On 20 May, 2007, at 1:02, Ettore Pasquini wrote:

> On 5/19/07 9:07 AM, "Jean-Luc Peurière" <jlp at nerim.net> wrote:
>> Le 19 mai 07 à 15:40, Martin Poirier a écrit :
>>> --- Campbell Barton <cbarton at metavr.com> wrote:
>>>> I assume adding some licence info to the splash
>>>> screen when clicking on
>>>> the Help/About will be ok.
>>> On the contrary, the advertisement clause, like the
>>> one in the old 4-clause BSD license, most likely makes
>>> it incompatible with the GPL.
>> However, a solution could be to add a command which display
>> about_box of the plugins.
>> Thus the advertisement is inside the plugin, we are not breaking
>> the GPL and still comply with the license.
> That's fine. I'll ask around how important is the advertisement clause  
> for
> us, who knows, maybe we can tone it down, place it somewhere else...
>> If 3Dconnexion makes part of the path, we can imho make some
>> effort ourself.
> Thanks, I appreciate that. Once I started working on blender I raised  
> the
> license issue inside the company and the response was can-do and pretty
> quick. We kinda changed it for blender especially, really... so, yeah,  
> we
> are trying... :-)
>> I'm very confident on adding HID for Os X (i have
>> working code for that),
> That's great, my OS X implementation is currently incomplete (half  
> working
> at best), so I could use your help. (Do you have a patch?)
> I have a (more or less) working implementation for Windows using our  
> SDK and
> the 2.42 code base.
> My Mac implementation is based on the 2.44 code and it uses the same
> mechanisms used on Windows to have 6DOF motion. The 6DOF motion is  
> achieved
> by posting new GHOST_EventNDOF type events but for some reason it is  
> choppy,
> plus I have to force a window redraw (only on the Mac). On Windows it's
> fluid.
> My Windows code is based on the original patch posted a year ago on the
> projects site, and as I said it's applied to the 2.42 code base. I  
> still
> have to upgrade to top of trunk, but I had some issues compiling the  
> latest
> code. Once I do that I can prepare a patch as well.
>> but dont know for other Oses and the official
>> SDK is the only way to support older serial devices (not on os x
>> though )
> We are certainly interested to Un*x just as well, that's on my to do  
> list
> for the future...
> Not sure what we do for the older serial devices, but I will ask.
>> Still we wont be able to distribute the plugin with blender itself.
> Do you think the new license is still incompatible (beside the  
> advertisement
> issue) ?
> Please let me know a full list of all related problems. We want to  
> solve all
> of them as much as we can, but first I need to know them. :-)
> Ettore
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