[Bf-committers] supporting 6Dof devices on blender.

GSR gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com
Sun May 20 02:38:54 CEST 2007

ettore_pasquini at 3dconnexion.com (2007-05-19 at 1602.54 -0700):
> Do you think the new license is still incompatible (beside the advertisement
> issue) ?

Binaries with GPL code... does not sound exactly compatible. Linux
distros avoid shipping binary 3d video drivers or video codecs, at
best provide a tool that does the job in bg (download, configure,
etc), but always after user's decision. BSDs do not accept any kind of
binary blob as they have demostrated, for example, with WiFi cards.
They make exceptions if the binary part is the firmware that runs in
the device, not the computer, and they can redistribute it along the
CDs so people can get a fully working machine without other requisite
than install media.

> Please let me know a full list of all related problems. We want to solve all
> of them as much as we can, but first I need to know them. :-)

What about going the way of Wacom as in http://linuxwacom.sf.net/ ?
The code is in many distros (all?) and cover the right levels (kernel,
XInput, userland config tools...) so things work out of the box for a
good end user experience, and coders can help fixing bugs too. Maybe
ask Ping Cheng how he handles and what benefits Wacom got with this
approach (see http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/index.php/chg ).



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