[Bf-committers] supporting 6Dof devices on blender.

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Sat May 19 08:03:06 CEST 2007

Ettore Pasquini wrote:
> On 5/18/07 3:39 AM, "Jean-Luc Peurière" <jlp at nerim.net> wrote:
>> Unfortunately the license agreement they request for using their SDK
>> is not and cannot be make GPL compatible.
> /cut/
>> So who would be interest to tackle with me this, and add HID support
>> on all 3 major OS we support (Windows, linux, Os X) ? once we support
>> those, adding support for the other unices should be straightforward.
> Hi Jean-Luc,
> I work for 3Dconnexion and I am currently working on adding support to
> Blender for our 6DOF devices. I am definitively interested!
> Let me first say that the license of our SDK has just changed (1 hour ago).
> The new license (see below) allows redistribution of the SDK. One reason for
> us to change the license was to make it possible to work with Blender, so
> hopefully that's fixed now. In any case, if there are any legal problems
> with the license we can work things out to solve them. Just let me know.. :-)
> "My" current implementation uses the new SDK and it works (more or less) on
> Windows. I started coding the Mac solution as well. The advantage for using
> the SDK is that it makes things easier to implement. I modified the patch
> available from the projects site, consisting in a few device-independent
> wrapper extensions to GHOST and a dlopen'ed plugin with device-specific,
> platform-specific code. All SDK calls are contained inside the plugin,
> eventually allowing other plugins to be used. Just to make clear we are not
> locked in with 3Dconnexion only support using this architecture.
> Adding HID/DirectInput/Xinput support is not excluded by this implementation
> either, it's just much longer to implement. Our objective is to have
> something going quickly and it would be great if we could do that.
> Eventually, once HID support is ready we could scope out the SDK plugin if
> we want that.
> Ettore

Hi Ettore
Which OS's is this SDK available for? - Im interested in Linux support, 
Im guessing it supports Windows and OSX already.

regarding serial port devices, even though I have one, Id be happy to 
get a USB-HID or 3Dconnexion device if it runs well with Blender.
Supporting one vendors SDK seems limiting but Im not that fussed.

I assume adding some licence info to the splash screen when clicking on 
the Help/About will be ok.


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