[Bf-committers] GPL: how to link with non-gpl plugins

Peter Schlaile peter at schlaile.de
Fri May 18 07:38:07 CEST 2007


> What about a TCP/IP based communication protocol? For those of you who know
> unix think X11. The overhead isn't bad, and it would allow us to get around
> any license restrictions there may be. We could also provide a public domain
> stub that could be linked against by commercial programs.

that might work for Render-plugins, but certainly won't work for material
plugins for speed reasons. (They call a function within the plugin for
_every_ sample...)

Sequencer plugins could be done in seperate processes, but that
is better implemented with shared memory for data transfer
and unix-domain sockets / equivalent on windows for the RPC-calls.
(TCP/IP is really slow in fact, X11 does a lot of tricks to make it fast
on the local machine, remember xshm-extension...)

To make it short: we should stick to shared objects and if a seperate
notice in the license is needed, we should add it.

Just my 2 cents,



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