[Bf-committers] Linux 32-Bit Unofficial Chroot for test

Shaul Kedem shaul.kedem at gmail.com
Thu May 10 14:58:57 CEST 2007

Wow, thanks.

Some more info about the chroot process you use will be nice (if it's not in
the file).

Also , is there an ffmpeg compile support in the script ?


On 5/10/07, Rui Campos <rcampos at fusemail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've put my changed chroot online, you can download it from here:
> http://www.blenderbuilds.com/chroot/
> For compiling the builds I made a script called buildBlender.sh .
> This script is in the /home/blender/ folder.
> This is an interactive script, it asks some questions and then builds
> according to the answers. It is not finished yet, so lots of things
> might be considered missing, yet it does the job.
> This script asks the following:
> - if one wants to archive the current source and builds
> - if it is to delete the entire source
> - if it is to update the source from cvs (blender and lib folders)
> - if you want my additional static stuff patches applied to it
> - if you want to use a different splash
> - if you want to use some special user-config.py files
> - if you want to build for i586
> - if you want to build for i586 - debug
> - if you want to build for i686 - sse
> - if you want to build for i686 - sse2
> - if you want to build for i686 - sse3
> - if you want to build for i686 - 3dnow
> Simply answer Y or N.
> What it does is to use the /home/blender/blender/splash directory to
> search for a splash with 501x271 pixels called splash.jpg and convert it
> to splash.jpg.c and put it in the source tree as the new splash.
> The /home/blender/blender/configs folder has the user-config.py files
> used for each optimization.
> In /home/blender/blender there are 3 diff files that contain my
> additional static stuff patch.
> Also, you can find the /home/blender/blender_libs folder that contains
> that additional libs I installed on top of the original chroot.
> Hope this helps out and everyone can improve the chroot.
> -- Rui --
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