[Bf-committers] Linux 32-Bit Unofficial Chroot for test

Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Thu May 10 14:48:43 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I've put my changed chroot online, you can download it from here:

For compiling the builds I made a script called buildBlender.sh .
This script is in the /home/blender/ folder.

This is an interactive script, it asks some questions and then builds
according to the answers. It is not finished yet, so lots of things
might be considered missing, yet it does the job.

This script asks the following:
- if one wants to archive the current source and builds
- if it is to delete the entire source
- if it is to update the source from cvs (blender and lib folders)
- if you want my additional static stuff patches applied to it
- if you want to use a different splash
- if you want to use some special user-config.py files
- if you want to build for i586
- if you want to build for i586 - debug
- if you want to build for i686 - sse
- if you want to build for i686 - sse2
- if you want to build for i686 - sse3
- if you want to build for i686 - 3dnow

Simply answer Y or N.

What it does is to use the /home/blender/blender/splash directory to
search for a splash with 501x271 pixels called splash.jpg and convert it
to splash.jpg.c and put it in the source tree as the new splash.

The /home/blender/blender/configs folder has the user-config.py files
used for each optimization.

In /home/blender/blender there are 3 diff files that contain my
additional static stuff patch.

Also, you can find the /home/blender/blender_libs folder that contains
that additional libs I installed on top of the original chroot.

Hope this helps out and everyone can improve the chroot.

-- Rui --

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