[Bf-committers] profiling blender (solved)

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Sun May 6 05:53:54 CEST 2007

Hi, it took me a while to work all this out, but its actually pretty 
simple in practice - using linux and make

Add these lines to your user-def.mk

export CFLAGS=-pg -ggdb -g3 -pipe -O0 -pedantic
export CCLAGS=-pg -ggdb -g3 -pipe -O0 -pedantic
export DBG_LDFLAGS= -p

run "make clean"
run "make debug"

the new binary will in a path like this..

I symlink blender so its not as annoying

in terminal "ln -s ./obj/linux-glibc2.4-i386/debug/bin/blender 

Now when you run blender it will generate gmon.out when you exit.
This file is used be gprof to generate the profile.

run "gprof ./blender_debug gmon.out > ./gprofile.txt"

Now you can look at gprofile.txt and see how much time functions are 
taking and how many calls are made to each.

I tried to find a wiki where this couldbe added but it seems we only have

Which isnt that helpful.

- Cam

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