[Bf-committers] test suite results on vista

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Sat May 5 19:30:33 CEST 2007

I just ran the regression test suite and there appear to be a number
of differences/regressions in rendering in particular the primary
highlight seems to be too bright and sharp in many of the renders;
shadows are sometimes darker and sometimes lighter and I get different
noise patterns in shadows - details below...

windows vista premium
nvidia 7600


bowl.blend - particles don't seem to clip right (however I don't think
it clipped correctly previously either)
controller2.blend - eyelids control doesn't work
driver-object-eyes.blend - no comparison image
flaretest - no comparison image
glass - recursive delete unsupported on windows
halostep - unified no longer available
icetest - nodes render erratically and sometimes not at all - can't
seem to load the nodelib?
lostride - differences in test render and sample render (border and
framing are different)
mirror_texture - highlight brightness is different
monkey-cornelius - different noise patterns in the shadow areas
only_shadow_material - shadow intensity is drastically different
Raptor_radio_ray_env - highlight on sphere is duller
refract_monkey - image renders substantially different
robo_ao - ao is much darker in most places
teapot_env_map - main highlight is too bright and sharp
windows_tra_shadow - glass shadow arc appears darker

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