[Bf-committers] Preliminary Design (render api)

Ben Batt benbatt at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 03:22:01 CEST 2007

Hey, just thought I'd mention something which concerns me a little:

On 6/26/07, Aaron Moore <two.a.ron at gmail.com> wrote:
> ... All the void*s are so that multiple kinds of handlers
> can be returned from a single function...

It seems to me that this could be done in a more typesafe way, perhaps
using a header structure which stores information common to all
handlers, and has a type field so you can safely cast to the
appropriate type if necessary. Something like the ModifierData system
is what I have in mind (DNA_modifier_types.h).

Just my two cents, mainly because large amounts of void* make me
uncomfortable :-)


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