[Bf-committers] Can't get account on patch tracker

Dietrich Bollmann diresu at web.de
Wed Jun 20 06:36:33 CEST 2007


Since a while I try to get an account on the blender patch 
tracker but no confirmation email arrives at me mailbox.  
I tried different emails and different user names - nothing seems 
to work...

What can I do?

As far as I remember, I once owned an account with the user
name `dietrich' - but I can't log in / don't receive a new password
when using the [lost your password?] function.  One of the new
user names I tried is `diresu' - but as no confirmation mail arrives
even after using [Resend confirmation email to a pending account]
a couple of times, this account remains in the state "pending"...

Thanks, Dietrich

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