[Bf-committers] Status 2-44-stable branch.

Levi Schooley bpycadmin at hhofministries.org
Tue Jun 19 05:56:53 CEST 2007

> i need know that this changes don't make problem
> with the build process.

I seem to be the only one, but
did break my build environment (parent directories weren't included in include
paths or something). But like I said, my build environment is sort of pieced
together right now, and I haven't heard of any troubles from anybody else.

Just thought I'd throw that in there.


On Mon Jun 18 20:34 , Diego <bdiego_gmail*com> sent:

>I finish to check the commit from the 2.44 release, Campbell already
>commit most of the python fix (and some other need check before commit).
>Now i have a serie of fix for the scons system, but all of this fix are
>relative to Mac OSX and Win32, so before commit, i need know that this
>changes don't make problem with the build process.
>The revision are:
>please, let me know if these changes don't make problem and i merge it to
>the stable branch.
>			Diego
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