[Bf-committers] 6DOF devices branch -state of affairs

Jean-Luc Peurière jlp at nerim.net
Wed Jun 13 19:44:52 CEST 2007

Le 13 juin 07 à 16:23, Jir(í Hnídek <jiri.hnidek at tul.cz> <Jir> a écrit :

> intern/ghost/intern/3dcnx/3Dcnxplug-mac.c: In function  
> 'MyMessageHandler':
> intern/ghost/intern/3dcnx/3Dcnxplug-mac.c:86: error: 'struct
> <anonymous>' has no member named 'address'
> intern/ghost/intern/3dcnx/3Dcnxplug-mac.c:103: error: 'struct
> <anonymous>' has no member named 'address'
> I fixed build errors with uncommenting lines 86 and 103. May be, I  
> have
> old SDK.

strange. definitely in my version of it.
It is unused now, but is the recommended way of distinguish 2 same  

> There were some problem with tools/btools.py too. Newer version from
> trunk fixed build problem too (module subprocess).

The only reasons i can see for such a problem are :

*  if you have updated your local tree to the branch and not a clean
* game engine is disabled here. not tested

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