[Bf-committers] GREYCstoration node for Blender

Alfredo de Greef eeshlo at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 5 21:16:56 CEST 2007


I know the CImg library very well, I have been using
it for more than a year now. I really like it, very
easy to work with.
Though I have been using it mostly as a framebuffer
sort of thing for both linux and windows, not really
the processing stuff, except for some minor
As for the resize op, that is handled by the 'scale'
comp.node isn't it? Although it isn't really a
high-quality rescale I suppose...

Anyway, as a warmup exercise I have been working on
porting some of the old img.proc. code I still had,
and one of them is a 'denoise' node, one of the
options is based on the old yafray noise filter, which
used to work reasonably well in the past, but the CImg
algo would probably work even better though.
It is of course *not* a magic solution.

What really should be done is to re-implement AO so
that a denoise filter wouldn't be necessary in the
first place.
But I'm sure that one way or another that will happen
eventually anyway...


--- olivier.saraja at free.fr wrote:

> Hey all,
> has any of you either heard of GREYCstoration? It's
> a small programm that does
> some 2D non-linear interpolation with respect to
> color and edge flow in a 2D
> picture. The three main usages are:
> * de-noising/smoothing of pictures, without loss on
> the borders of pictural
> elements
> * re-sizing (withour pixelation)
> * inpainting (reconstruction of missing areas of
> pictures)
> The first usage could be very interesting for
> Blender.
> The original programm project can be seen here:
> The samples in the demo are quite amazing
> I
> could see an immediate application of this programm
> in Blender for smoothing
> Ambient Occlusion passes, and for post-pro in
> Composide node Editor. Basically,
> it will let the blender-head to use fewer samples,
> for a fair amount of quality,
> and without much noise (or no noise at all).
> This feature could come either within a Tab showing
> when Ambient Occlusion is
> ON, or as a Composite node. Or perhaps both. Plugins
> already exist for Gimp,
> krita and DigiKam so I *guess* it's also possible to
> add to Blender.
> Of course, this could be interpreted as a feature
> request, as I'm not a coder,
> but I'm willing to try to add this feature to
> Blender myself if nobody is
> interested in coding it. But if I try to do it
> myself, I'll probably need
> guidance and support from a patient mentor that will
> accept to cope with some
> stupid questions regarding coding trivia and
> Blender's code, of course.
> One point to note: the License of GREYCstoration is
> I'm willing to contact the author (he is french) if
> you think there could
> be any legal issue in using this code in Blender.
> The algorithms are already in
> use with Gimp, Krita, DigiKam and a few others, so I
> guess it won't be a
> difficulty to re-use in Blender also.
> Is the project interesting? Is anybody willing to
> work on it? Is there anybody
> willing to mentor me on this project?
> --
> olivS
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