[Bf-committers] CMAKE - 2 bugs on win32

sfogoros sfogoros at att.net
Mon Jun 4 13:30:02 CEST 2007

Platform: windows 2003svr, vc2005ce, CMake (WIN32) config

1) Debug solution fails to load correct python library. Release and 
Debug solutions reference python24.dll but creator copies python24_D.dll 
on Debug solution. My temporary fix is SET(PYTHON_LIB python24_d) in 
blender\CMakeLists.txt and re-run CMake when Debug solution is needed.

   SET(PYTHON_LIB python24)

    COMMAND if $\(ConfigurationName\)==Debug copy /Y 
\"${WIN_LIBDIR}\\python\\lib\\python24_D.dll\" \"$\(TargetDir\)\\\"
    COMMAND if NOT $\(ConfigurationName\)==Debug copy /Y 
\"${WIN_LIBDIR}\\python\\lib\\python24.dll\" \"$\(TargetDir\)\\\"

2) I've noticed that blender\source\blender\include files are not 
referenced in the solution. This means changes to include files won't 
trigger a recompile and 'searching in files' with Solution selected 
excludes these files. My temporary fix for searching is create a named 
search set of the blender tree. I don't have a temporary fix for 
recompile on change. A clean make is required.

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