[Bf-committers] Proposal for 2.44-stable branch

Diego B bdiego at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 23:07:14 CEST 2007


The aims is to make a safe version of blender, thus the user don't
need wait for 2.50 release to get bug fix, to make this possible, the
2.44-stable branch need work like the current release, without
functionality changes, and without the fancy new development and
restructures of the next release, but: with the most important bug
fixes and functionality fixes. It will always fit with the
documentation as created for the release and it's possible (for
example), make a more periodical "bugfix" release (like 2.44a) so
maybe we can have a new "bugfix" release every two month.


The "small features" can make new bug, so these change need to keep
out of the 2.44-stable branch. It's possible have special case, but in
that "special case" we need know that the changes are really stable
and ok before commit it.

A "functional change" is for example: new or changed hotkeys, new
render options, buttons that move around, new or changed python api
calls, and so on. These changes are not in a 2.44-stable branch.

A "functional fixes" is: restoring functionality as intended in prior
releases, or get something to work as really was intended to work in
the current release.


This is my proposal for the 2.44-stable branch, all comment are welcomes :)



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