[Bf-committers] python 2.5 what is the decision?

Willian Padovani Germano wgermano at superig.com.br
Wed Jan 31 00:54:22 CET 2007


Ton Roosendaal wrote:
> So there's some time. Still, I cannot judge the impact of a 2.5 
> migration for the code, scripts, release building, etc. The python team 
> has to decide.

My 2 cents: I agree that it's too late to change right now, better 
evaluate this properly after this release and, if decided, upgrade when 
work starts to be done for the next version.

One thing that should be done where possible, though, is to make sure 
Blender 2.43 is built for each platform with the most recent version of 
the Python library they've been using. For 2.4 it's 2.4.4 and for 2.3 
it's 2.3.6, both labeled "final".

PS: there was also a bug report about crashes when using the tarfile 
module (that's part of a standalone Python install) within Blender under 


This only happened with the python24.dll shipped with Blender. If it 
gets removed, forcing Blender to use the default python24.dll installed 
by Python, the crash doesn't happen. Possibly a difference in 
compilation (flags), I don't know how the python24.dll shipped with 
Blender was built.


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