[Bf-committers] Release schedule, RC3?

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Jan 28 19:54:32 CET 2007

Hi all,

---- Website update

It is still feasible to combine the release with the scheduled website  
and webserver upgrade. This week the hardware will be in place, end of  
week and during weekend the software will be installed and tested.
It does mean however, that a release has to wait until after that's  
proven to work, around wednesday february 6 or so.

(Note that installing new projects.blender.org and svn migration is for  

---- Last release candidate: RC3

The bugtracker is still attracting a lot of reporters (over 20 reports  
in less than 2 days). Given the current cvs state I think we're very  
close to a release, but the week of webserver work gives also the  
opportunity to make a final RC.

My proposal would be to build tuesday/wednesday. If people agree, I'll  
send a reminder then. :)

---- Last todos: docs, tutorials, examples, videos...

- Tim Wakeham will check on wiki, summer of docs, and if latest work on  
Blender is properly covered there
- Daniel (ZanQd) Salazar will build a webpage/portal for videos showing  
- Tom Musgrove checks on demo files / regression
- I will coordinate as usual the release logs in blender.org cms



Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton at blender.org  

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