[Bf-committers] Sunday meeting, Release progress

Hans Lambermont hans at lambermont.dyndns.org
Sun Jan 21 22:30:51 CET 2007

Ton Roosendaal wrote:

> ------ Meeting
> The meeting had one main topic; the Python version to release with.
> Since Python now official is 2.5, we should support that for Blender
> 2.43 as well. Only for OSX, an additional Python 2.3 will still be
> released (since that is the default for 10.3 and 10.4 OSX).

Python 2.5 on FreeBSD has the same problem as Python 2.4 in the
GameEngine. See my mails of December 2006 (and April 2005).

Erwin thinks it is an STL issue, it looks like it only pops up because
of the iostream usage (for example in MT_Stream.h) which is used for
debugging only. I started to remove these debugging functions and got a
lot further in the compile list. I stopped at BOP_Mesh::print as I saw
loads of << in there. I can remove all of course, but I'm sure such a
commit won't be applauded ;-)

Possible solutions :

1) Disable the gameEngine. I'd rather not do this.
2) Keep using Python 2.3 . This won't work in the long run.
3) Let Erwin replace Moto/Solid with Bullet. This will take some months.
4) Fix STL, or Python, or both. Anyone ?
5) Change the include file ordering wherever needed such that the
   issue is prevented. This might not even work, might cause problems on
   other platforms and will probably consume a lot of time which I do not
   have. Anyone ?
6) ?

-- Hans

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