[Bf-committers] Re: 64 bits Blender

mindrones mindrones at yahoo.it
Sat Jan 20 14:06:05 CET 2007


I'd like to send in this interesting and extensive article regarding the
transition 32bits/64bits, apparently coming within 2008


We are currently compiling at 64bit on AMD64 without problems, nor a single
warning in console. Everything runs just fine.
Instead of using an exit(0), why don't make Blender popup a warning telling the
user "Hey you are opening a 64 bits blend file, at your own risk" or whatever?

If a 64bits port is a todo for 2007 fine, but events and opengl recoding would
be the real good news.

In my opinion developers should take some time after a release, documenting
their own code, and publishing a doxygen documentation would help. Blender is
great, but I know experienced programmers that won't help (even willing to do
it) because of its code. And this leads to actual evidence that 64bits port has
to wait for Ton, doesn'it?




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