[Bf-committers] Who's in charge of the Sequencer changes?

Ivan Hoffmann webmaster at plumiferos.com
Fri Jan 19 15:02:38 CET 2007

Joe Eagar wrote:
> Timothy Baldridge wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> I'm interested in working on the blender sequencer. Basically in
>> performance tuning, color correcting, and the sound system redesign.
>> Does anyone know who I should contact to co-ordinate on this?
>> Thanks,
>> Timothy Baldridge
> For the sequencer, that would be peter schaile.  For color correction, 
> er no one's gotten around  to that yet, so no one "owns" it.  For 
> sound redesign code, whoever gets to it first.  Myself, I once wrote a 
> simple synthesizer that used a node-like system, and someday I'd like 
> implement a more advanced system in blender.  Sadly, I have many other 
> projects on my todo, and such a project would be fairly 
> time-consuming, especially as I don't know all that much about sound 
> engineering anyway.
> Joe
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Hi, if you are interested in developing for the sequencer, in the 
Plumíferos Wishlist there is a list of features that would be great to 
have. Here's the link 


Ivan Hoffmann

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