[Bf-committers] 6dof support - where to get involved? Is it possible?

Joe Eagar joeedh at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 22:23:51 CET 2007

Artur Rataj wrote:
> Hello.
> Ton wrote:
>> There's not many people using such devices, and those who have might be
>> too busy.
> But with things like the wiimote, such devices will perhaps become 
> more common.
>> We like this for sure. The typical way is that you create code for it,
>> and propose it as a patch.
> That's what we would want to do, but I wanted to know if there is any
> work on 6dof api in Blender now.
> Stephen wrote:
>> There appears to be some legal issues with the 3dconnexion license
>> agreement for their SDK that make it incompatible with open source
>> applications.  I'm not convinced that your attempts to get around the
>> licensing issues are acceptable.  On the other hand, I am not a lawyer
>> either.
> We do not want our patch to have any connection with either 3dconnexion
> devices or any other devices like that. Just an API.
> And a lightweight API, if there would be an external  6dof server.
> In my opinion, Blender should not have to handle dynamics or speed of
> the 6dof device, just like a normal desktop application does not
> handle dynamics or speed of a mouse cursor. Thus, I propose an
> external not-Blender-specific server, because X Window does not handle
> 6dof.
> Blender would connect to the server to get 6dof just like it connects
> to XWindow to get mice position.
> The server could translate 6 * velocity devices like SpaceBall or 6 *
> direct position devices like Wiimote, or any mixed devices, into 6 *
> direct position data to give the data to Blender or other clients.
> The server would have a configuration GUI, and the protocol would be
> very simple.
> Just please tell me if this is OK, and we will try to make the server
> and the patch.
> Best regards,
> Artur
Oh.  you're already  doing the server idea.  Well I understand this 
solves the licensing problem nicely.  The gimp people do this, maybe 
they'd know about the details.  Just beware of their developer list. :)


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