[Bf-committers] Re: Q key

Rob Haarsma rob at captainvideo.nl
Wed Jan 17 20:37:41 CET 2007

> After the nth complaint of an artist that he accidentally quit blender,  
> I've decided to accept a change to ctrl+q. I personally didn't like it  
> much, but I also realized it is due to muscle memory... the ctrl+q  
> almost grew unto me now as well :)
> Biggest project for release after 2.43 is event/tool refactor, which  
> will also give customizable maps. Until then I think it's something we
> can live with...
Pressing Q gives a verification dialog *and* Blender has an autosave
function, so if artists still manage to loose their work they must be
pretty dumb.

And if the next release has customisable keys, why not postpone this
ctrl-q until then? I fail to see why regular users should be handicapped
with this release if the next release allows them to set it all back.

Ahwell, why do i even bother... seems your decisions are already made.


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