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Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Wed Jan 17 17:30:27 CET 2007


This was the typical case with opinions fifty-fifty divided among  
After the nth complaint of an artist that he accidentally quit blender,  
I've decided to accept a change to ctrl+q. I personally didn't like it  
much, but I also realized it is due to muscle memory... the ctrl+q  
almost grew unto me now as well :)

Biggest project for release after 2.43 is event/tool refactor, which  
will also give customizable maps. Until then I think it's something we  
can live with... and, you can always change it in the code of your own  


On 17 Jan, 2007, at 16:50, Rob Haarsma wrote:

> I know it has changed...my question was if the original functionality  
> could be brought back.
> Please,
> Rob
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