[Bf-committers] A high quality 6dof input support in Blender - new project?

randomJavaTroll randomjavatroll at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 13:49:33 CET 2007

Hello. I would want to add a configurable 6dof input in Blender, for devices
with 6 position/rotation change velocities like Spaceball and devices with
mixed velocities and direct positions/rotations.

The current state is a simple Spaceball-specific patch, not approved by the
blender team by the way because it is Spaceball-specific.

The project I would want to do is to remove the Spaceball-specific code,
clean the patch, add the configurability and the support for direct

Note that I discuss only the 6dof API, NOT any HID/USB/proprietary DLL

My question is, is there any 6dof API developed now, or is only the patch
available? Are there any developers that work or would want to work on a
similar issue?

Thanks for any help.
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