[Bf-committers] Mingw/Scons linking error

Nathan Letwory jesterking at letwory.net
Tue Jan 16 09:28:33 CET 2007

I'm afraid this is due to the splitting of the src library for 
scons/mingw. Apparently this works differently on different machines, 
and is thus not a good way of fixing. Your best shot would be to remove 
the library splitting code from the src/SConscript and use 
BF_BUILDDIR=C:\b . This is still a good reason for reorganising the src/ 
directory into proper directory structure for 'applications' (3dview, 
outline, node, sequence etc). This would make also the code structure 
and the way Blender is visually organised more obvious.


Campbell Barton wrote:
> Hi, Iv had this error for a number of weeks now, and cleaning, remaking 
> dosnt help,
> Could sombody resolve this or give a hint where to fix?
> thx.
> scons: `C:\b\lib\winresource.o' is up to date.
> Compiling ==> 'buildinfo.c'
> Linking program ==> 'blender.exe'
> C:\b\lib\libsrc2.a(booleanops.o):booleanops.c:(.text+0x3b2): undefined 
> reference
>  to `CSG_NewBooleanFunction'
> C:\b\lib\libsrc2.a(booleanops.o):booleanops.c:(.text+0x3fe): undefined 
> reference
>  to `CSG_PerformBooleanOperation'
> C:\b\lib\libsrc2.a(booleanops.o):booleanops.c:(.text+0x41d): undefined 
> reference
>  to `CSG_OutputFaceDescriptor'
> C:\b\lib\libsrc2.a(booleanops.o):booleanops.c:(.text+0x431): undefined 
> reference
>  to `CSG_OutputVertexDescriptor'
> C:\b\lib\libsrc2.a(booleanops.o):booleanops.c:(.text+0x926): undefined 
> reference
>  to `CSG_FreeVertexDescriptor'
> C:\b\lib\libsrc2.a(booleanops.o):booleanops.c:(.text+0x934): undefined 
> reference
>  to `CSG_FreeFaceDescriptor'
> C:\b\lib\libsrc2.a(booleanops.o):booleanops.c:(.text+0x944): undefined 
> reference
>  to `CSG_FreeBooleanOperation'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> scons: *** [C:\b\bin\blender.exe] Error 1
> scons: building terminated because of errors.
> c:\blender\blender>

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