[Bf-committers] sunday meeting summary

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Mon Jan 15 11:03:37 CET 2007


First, I'd like to stick to this definition for an open bug report:

"Something that was meant to work by development, but doesn't".

These are crucial bugs, and I really prefer not to leave such issues  
open for a long time. Especially if it involves crashes or loss of  

What I usually move to the todo list are issues that should work from a  
user point of view (like a feature for Meshes, that doesn't work for  
Curve yet).

todo tracker:

I'll make sure you can move reports to the todo. Is a permission flag I  
have to set manually for developers.


On 15 Jan, 2007, at 10:12, Nicholas Bishop wrote:

>> * Also he would like to get the bug tracker low - preferably to 20ish
>> or so, but definitely below 50 :) If a item in the tracker is more a
>> todo, please move it to the todo list
> Is there an actual todo tracker that issues currently in the bug
> tracker should be reassigned to (and if so, how?) or does this just
> mean close the bug and remember it for later?
> -Nicholas
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