[Bf-committers] Re: Reducing email overhead

mindrones mindrones at yahoo.it
Tue Jan 9 13:33:27 CET 2007


with Mailman you may setup Topics, and let subscribers to receive the emails
about selected arguments of choice. Maybe choosing an accurate list of topics
for blender (modelling, animating, editing, compiling, OS and or distro, and so
on...) can help.
It doesn't work for digest mode.

>From he configuration help panel:
"Each topic keyword is actually a regular expression, which is matched against
certain parts of a mail message, specifically the Keywords: and Subject:
message headers. Note that the first few lines of the body of the message can
also contain a Keywords: and Subject:  "header" on which matching is also

I'm not into regexp but maybe for those who want to receive all the emails
there's a way define it?


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