[Bf-committers] yafray code maintenance

Alfredo de Greef eeshlo at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 9 06:04:10 CET 2007

Hi all,

So I have been assigned to fix yafray bugs again. I
have been procrastinating (as always) up until now,
but for quite some time now I have been doing work
that is taking all my time and on which I really need
to concentrate. I will try to fix these bugs, but if
possible then someone else needs to take over.
Sometime ago I was about to send my 'letter of
resignation' to the list regarding my yafray work, but
felt guilty after some communications with Lynx, so I
didn't (again).

I think there isn't really much life left in the
current code anyway, Lynx is working on his own
versions of both yafray and the export code, so I
think he would be the best candidate for this.
So if possible, I'd like to be taken of the list.


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