[Bf-committers] Reducing email overhead

Shaul Kedem shaul.kedem at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 20:00:06 CET 2007

Just so you'll know, this is an age-old problem and it will probably get
people who didn't get to read this thread pissed off, it's surprising how
such a little thing gets people so ticked off.

Anyway, I think the current behaviour should remain as is. It is much more
disturbing to think you replied to everyone and then find out you didn't..
another thing is some of the weird spam filters people have, you get to
prove you are human time after time, when all you wanted to say is "that and
that is wrong"..

I have a different suggestion though; ton - maybe you would like to try
gmail? it has a nice thread-based view which brings order into the chaos..

On 1/8/07, Kent Mein <mein at cs.umn.edu> wrote:
> In reply to Joe Eagar (joeedh at gmail.com):
> > We could have a separate list for compiling problems, that would help a
> > lot. . .
> >
> > Joe
> I'm for default reply to sender only.
> I'm also for keeping one list.  I'm not trying to pick on Joe here,
> But when I read this I though what do you mean by compiling problems?
> Do you mean when something breaks because of a cvs issue?  If so that
> should goto the list.  Do you mean people trying to compile blender
> for the first time?  If so I don't think that that takes up very
> much of the email that gets put on the list.  Finally if I'm confused
> about what would go on the compiler problems mailing list, my guess is
> other people will have the same problem.  I don't think its an effective
> breakdown.
> Just to make my reply more complicated ;)
> I'd rather have too much email and skim and filter out the stuff I don't
> want than too little. ;)  (I know kind of contradicts my first statement
> but hey...)
> Kent
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