[Bf-committers] Current OpenEXR Lib linking problem

Austin Benesh bfdeveloper at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 04:38:17 CET 2007

Eugene Reilly wrote:
> I had some link errors on Windows when building with VC8, and I 
> realized I had seen it before when I tried to build with the OpenEXR 
> libs from the OpenEXR site.  The problem is due to those libraries 
> being compiled with /MD rather than /MT.  I took a look into the 
> openexr lib folder and found the readme saying "Includes and libs 
> taken from OpenEXR-1.4.0-vcnet2003.zip."  I don't know about the vcnet 
> file, but the vsnet file from the openexr site are compiled with /MD.  
> I then replaced the lib with the ones I compiled myslef with /MT and I 
> compiled fine again.  Anyone else having this issue?
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> Eugene (etr9j)
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In /lib/windows/openexr/lib/lib_msvc you will find the libs you just 
compiled. I already found this issue a long time ago and those libs 
should work. If they aren't there, try to get them added again.

 - Austin

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