[Bf-committers] B-Con 3?

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Jan 7 12:44:40 CET 2007


BTW: who wrote the long explanation about the B-Con on blender.org? I  
didn't... I thought Matt wrote this even?

Anyhoo, here's a short text proposal for what bcon3 can be:

- finish work on approved projects
- bugfixes, feature fixes
- smaller maintenance/improvements by module owners

- only bug & feature fixes.

People who 'own' parts of Blender's code should be free to work on that  
until we move to real cvs freeze in bcon-4.


On 7 Jan, 2007, at 6:10, Chris Want wrote:

> Matt Ebb wrote:
>> Hi, I presume this mail is due to my debating in IRC the other day :)
> Yes and no. It certainly isn't directed exclusively at you, but
> is instead a request for clarification since there is definitely
> a difference between what is happening and what the documentation
> says aught to be happening.
>> At least from my experience, I was under the impression that B-con 3   
>> was more about "no new large projects", on the level of rewrites, new  
>>  things like sculpt, etc. but that small things were ok. This is in   
>> contrast to B-con 2 which according to the CMS page seems more about   
>> working on big new features to get them into a state to commit to bf   
>> CVS - nowadays I guess you can substitute 'patches' for 'tuhopuu',   
>> and in contrast to B-con 4 which is "Only bugfixes are allowed into   
>> CVS and new cool ideas just have to wait for the next B-Con 1."
> <SNIP>
> OK. according to the definition B-Con 3 on the website, what you have
> described is incorrect ... the question is still then should the  
> website
> be updated? I'm guessing that's what you would prefer. I'm reasonably
> indifferent, as long as we are consistent. Having said that, we are
> heading towards a release, so the focus should definitely be on
> stabilizing the current set of features. Are there any other opinions
> on this matter?
>> Yes, in any case, it would be *great* to have more talk about this on  
>>  the list rather than in IRC conversations, or only in the meetings.   
>> Not everyone can get to the meetings, and not everyone has time to   
>> hang out in IRC all day long, especially when in a totally different   
>> time zone. It's not really any more difficult to type things into an   
>> email window than it is to type into an IRC window, and would make it  
>>  much easier for people like me to actually participate without   
>> feeling like an outsider, left in the dark!
> I agree 100% -- meetings start at 8 AM Sunday morning here, so
> I'm either half awake for them, or I just catch the tail end.
> Regards,
> Chris
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