[Bf-committers] makefiles and languages

Chris Want cwant at ualberta.ca
Sun Jan 7 06:14:50 CET 2007

Tom M wrote:
> It looks like the .mo files which are used for the translations are
> generated to the windows folder, and that the .mo files in
> /blender/bin/.blender/locale
> are not used at all by the make file system.  So... should the make
> files be changed to generate them to the above directory?  Or should
> the above directory be deleted?
> Also what do MSVC, Scons, CMake, etc. and the various platforms do
> regarding translations?  Ie are they grabbing them from above?
> the .mo are generated by make release...
> LetterRip

Hi Tom,

I'm not sure I understand, but I would advise against generating
any files within the source tree outside the obj/ directory
(we really should have moved obj/ up a directory) -- so 
blender/bin/.blender/locale shouldn't be used for output
files in my book.


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