[Bf-committers] B-Con 3?

Chris Want cwant at ualberta.ca
Sun Jan 7 06:10:03 CET 2007

Matt Ebb wrote:
> Hi, I presume this mail is due to my debating in IRC the other day :)

Yes and no. It certainly isn't directed exclusively at you, but
is instead a request for clarification since there is definitely
a difference between what is happening and what the documentation
says aught to be happening.

> At least from my experience, I was under the impression that B-con 3  
> was more about "no new large projects", on the level of rewrites, new  
> things like sculpt, etc. but that small things were ok. This is in  
> contrast to B-con 2 which according to the CMS page seems more about  
> working on big new features to get them into a state to commit to bf  
> CVS - nowadays I guess you can substitute 'patches' for 'tuhopuu',  and 
> in contrast to B-con 4 which is "Only bugfixes are allowed into  CVS and 
> new cool ideas just have to wait for the next B-Con 1."


OK. according to the definition B-Con 3 on the website, what you have
described is incorrect ... the question is still then should the website
be updated? I'm guessing that's what you would prefer. I'm reasonably
indifferent, as long as we are consistent. Having said that, we are
heading towards a release, so the focus should definitely be on
stabilizing the current set of features. Are there any other opinions
on this matter?

> Yes, in any case, it would be *great* to have more talk about this on  
> the list rather than in IRC conversations, or only in the meetings.  Not 
> everyone can get to the meetings, and not everyone has time to  hang out 
> in IRC all day long, especially when in a totally different  time zone. 
> It's not really any more difficult to type things into an  email window 
> than it is to type into an IRC window, and would make it  much easier 
> for people like me to actually participate without  feeling like an 
> outsider, left in the dark!

I agree 100% -- meetings start at 8 AM Sunday morning here, so
I'm either half awake for them, or I just catch the tail end.


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