[Bf-committers] Tango icons in release

Matt Ebb matt at mke3.net
Sun Jan 7 02:43:19 CET 2007

On 07/01/2007, at 12:06 PM, Campbell Barton wrote:

> Hey, would we be able to include jimmacs tango icons in Blender 2.43?

> Just a matter of adding in the PNG to the icons dir. though adding  
> a "Tango" theme in the dropdown would be nice also.

No, it's too late and that theme isn't really ready. Although in many  
ways it's a lot better than what's in Blender now, I think there are  
still a lot of avenues for improvement, and I think the icons issue  
in general needs to be worked on in greater depth (i.e. making  
separate defines in the source code for different icons which are  
reused now, but don't really make much sense, and also rethinking  
some of the less clear metaphors that are used at the moment, rather  
than just making them look better).

I'd like to have a new default icon theme for the next release after  
this though, 'jendrzych' in the forums is doing some very good work  
here too that I'm quite interested in. I'm also wary of adding  
multiple icon themes in the blender install package, except for  
perhaps a '2.5 design' and 'oldschool' choice. I would definitely  
like to make it easier to install newly downloaded themes though...



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