[Bf-committers] Broken binary plugins

Carsten Wartmann carsten.wartmann at imago-viva.de
Thu Jan 4 12:09:50 CET 2007

Campbell Barton schrieb:
> Hi, didnt expect the VarStruct would mess up anything.
> The reason I added it is that its used for clever_numbets (pupBlock in 
> python) and some descriptive labels was cut down to use about half of 
> space available.
> Looks like this opens a can of worms so it can be changed back of others 
> agree its a good idea... if thats the case Ill look at making 
> clever_numbuts do text some other way.

Erm, this concerns me a bit cause I have a chapter about plugins in my 
book, so I tried to recompile them but with no luck, the number buttons 
(as it seems) are not ok, or even the plugin is crashing Blender.

A word from you that it *should* work an I will dig into to see if maybe 
I used a wron parameter or include or whatever.

Best Regards,

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