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Sangwoo Hong sahngwoo at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 22:51:26 CET 2007

I believe there was talk of integration with CrystalSpace and OGRE but I
don't really see the need for it.  As for Panda3D I don't think it's
appropriate given the fact that it was developed by DISNEY.  Maintained by
Carnegie Mellon University?  Hmm...  I'd say that's suspect at best...

Personally I think the game engine is great for what it is.  It's open, it's
free, and it's easy to use.  I was able to mock up game play rather quickly
using Python and the built in game engine functionality.  Although I had to
put the breaks on my Blender efforts due to the python scripts being saved
as ascii inside the .blend file, it was a good validation of the engine's
viability in my view.  I am now in the process of recreating the gameplay in
Torque which is definitely not as simple as it was in Blender but what I
sacrifice in ease of use I get back in other areas like speed of execution

I'm not sure what kind of project you have in mind but give the game engine
another chance.  Place nice with it and I'm sure you'll get the results
you're looking for in less time then with other so called "engines".  (To be
perfectly honest, even a fine product like Torque can hardly be called an
engine.  As a matter of fact, Torque Game Engine Advanced which I own now
comes in a single folder named "SDK" which is a much better description of
the a vast majority of the "game engine" products out there.)

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