[Bf-committers] Sunday meeting minutes, 25th feb 2007

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Tue Feb 27 22:35:41 CET 2007


Summarizing responses I don't see much enthusiasm for an extra 2.44,  
apart from when that will have 64 bits support (which isn't a quick  
During sunday meeting in IRC there was more endorsement, but these  
people I don't hear anymore? Please do speak!

Another problem is that the tracker sortof exploded. We now get good  
feedback in for bugs and problems, but how much time we need to fix  
this for a real 'stable' 2.43a?

My personal stance remains to release as often as possible. The past  
release cycle was very long. Let's do one short cycle to compensate  
(with enough time for 64 bits cleaning and tests) and then go to do the  
bigger jobs again.

Or: just do 1 more week bugfix only, make 2.43a, and then go back to  

(On 26 Feb, 2007, at 3:07, Matt Ebb wrote:)
> What would this really achieve, apart from pushing away the promised  
> refactor work yet again? The papers/design stage is what b-con 1 is  
> for. Why can't these other brand new projects just be done in parallel  
> with other planned 2.5 work?

- You could start immediate on gathering all ideas/plans and make an  
end-user spec of what the refactor should result in.
- There are unresolved issues with how panels are used now (too small,  
too rigid).
- Look at extending header size for toolbars. vertical headers?
- Above issues could result in good layout proposal for button space  
and other windows
- How are we going to treat our hotkey maps?

And I bet you can think of more things. The more we can all agree on it  
in advance, the easier the implementation will go. Having 2 month  
creative & design phase for this project, before the actual  
implementation starts, is really not bad. And, if we then can just  
manage to do a small release before, isn't that wonderful? It then  
might really need 6 months before we can do another.

> What would this really achieve

This also counts: I need my rest once too. Have been working non-stop  
since early 2005.


On 25 Feb, 2007, at 18:38, Ton Roosendaal wrote:

> Hi all,
> Main topic was the need for a 2.43a update or not.
> There were a couple of important fixes in Blender:
> - sculpt: grab bug with shape keys
> - game engine: ray sensor failure
> - composite: vector blur fails on mixed solid+ztransp
> Further the new official book (Blender Basics) could use a stable  
> release too.
> On the other hand, we have been fixing such important bugs for over 2  
> months, and there is no reason we won't find new such bugs during the  
> next days. Freeze has been long enough now (already nicked "ice age").
> Alternative proposal: do a 2.44 in a relative short timeframe, like 2  
> months (end of april).
> That gave a lot of positive endorsement.
> So the proposal is:
> - cvs is open again (bcon1)
> - work on new projects can start, but only those that can be completed  
> in 6 weeks
>   (please discuss/mention projects in public before starting it!)
> - big refactor projects then can start in may.
> - during next 2 months, also papers/design for refactors can be  
> created and approved
> Possible projects for 2.44:
> - make blender 64 bits safe (Ton)
> - image browser (Andrea)
> - adding composite nodes (Bob)
> - vertex array drawing for derivedmesh (Joe)
> - ffmpg cleanup, and integration for release in osx and windows
> - baking: object-to-object ray normal baking (baking hires object into  
> lowres)
> - pynode (Nathan)
> Might be out of scope for the short term release:
> - add canvas and/or 'region of interest or tile optimizer' in composite
> - node refactor -> plugin api (bob)
> - render export api
> - rigid body
> Need to discuss:
> - cloth
> - new particles
> - ...
> -Ton-
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