[Bf-committers] Sunday meeting minutes, 25th feb 2007

doug doug at mudpuddle.co.nz
Sun Feb 25 22:18:03 CET 2007

  One important consideration for a stable release, is groups needing to
use stable releases. such as renderfarms, comapnies.....

I for one was unable to use any "ENV" mapping on any of my models for the
entire last build, since Respower, uses a stable release rather than CVS,
meaning I also needed to use the same release.  it was infact a bug I
reported before the '2.42a' build was made, but was not fixed in time, as
it was seen as unimportant to halt the release.

It is another consideration that needs to be made when prioritising speed
over quality.

Cheers, and keep up the good work.

Doug Ollivier

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  Hi all,

  Main topic was the need for a 2.43a update or not.
  There were a couple of important fixes in Blender:

  - sculpt: grab bug with shape keys
  - game engine: ray sensor failure
  - composite: vector blur fails on mixed solid+ztransp

  Further the new official book (Blender Basics) could use a stable
  release too.

  On the other hand, we have been fixing such important bugs for over 2
  months, and there is no reason we won't find new such bugs during the
  next days. Freeze has been long enough now (already nicked "ice age").

  Alternative proposal: do a 2.44 in a relative short timeframe, like 2
  months (end of april).
  That gave a lot of positive endorsement.

  So the proposal is:

  - cvs is open again (bcon1)
  - work on new projects can start, but only those that can be completed
  in 6 weeks
   (please discuss/mention projects in public before starting it!)
  - big refactor projects then can start in may.
  - during next 2 months, also papers/design for refactors can be created
  and approved

  Possible projects for 2.44:

  - make blender 64 bits safe (Ton)
  - image browser (Andrea)
  - adding composite nodes (Bob)
  - vertex array drawing for derivedmesh (Joe)
  - ffmpg cleanup, and integration for release in osx and windows
  - baking: object-to-object ray normal baking (baking hires object into
  - pynode (Nathan)

  Might be out of scope for the short term release:

  - add canvas and/or 'region of interest or tile optimizer' in composite
  - node refactor -> plugin api (bob)
  - render export api
  - rigid body

  Need to discuss:

  - cloth
  - new particles
  - ...



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