[Bf-committers] Sunday meeting minutes, 25th feb 2007

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Feb 25 18:38:17 CET 2007

Hi all,

Main topic was the need for a 2.43a update or not.
There were a couple of important fixes in Blender:

- sculpt: grab bug with shape keys
- game engine: ray sensor failure
- composite: vector blur fails on mixed solid+ztransp

Further the new official book (Blender Basics) could use a stable  
release too.

On the other hand, we have been fixing such important bugs for over 2  
months, and there is no reason we won't find new such bugs during the  
next days. Freeze has been long enough now (already nicked "ice age").

Alternative proposal: do a 2.44 in a relative short timeframe, like 2  
months (end of april).
That gave a lot of positive endorsement.

So the proposal is:

- cvs is open again (bcon1)
- work on new projects can start, but only those that can be completed  
in 6 weeks
   (please discuss/mention projects in public before starting it!)
- big refactor projects then can start in may.
- during next 2 months, also papers/design for refactors can be created  
and approved

Possible projects for 2.44:

- make blender 64 bits safe (Ton)
- image browser (Andrea)
- adding composite nodes (Bob)
- vertex array drawing for derivedmesh (Joe)
- ffmpg cleanup, and integration for release in osx and windows
- baking: object-to-object ray normal baking (baking hires object into  
- pynode (Nathan)

Might be out of scope for the short term release:

- add canvas and/or 'region of interest or tile optimizer' in composite
- node refactor -> plugin api (bob)
- render export api
- rigid body

Need to discuss:

- cloth
- new particles
- ...


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton at blender.org  

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