[Bf-committers] Freestyle NPR for Blender: Call for developers

Chris Want cwant at ualberta.ca
Sat Feb 24 18:01:38 CET 2007

Stéphane Grabli wrote:
> Hi,
> The condensed version: We are looking for one or (preferably) several
> developpers to integrate Freestyle, a Non-Photorealistic Renderer, to
> Blender (possibly through a Blender-endorsed Google SOC project).

Hi Stéphane,

You might want to add a short description of your suggestion
to the Draft SoC ideas wiki page, either as part of the external
renderer API project or as it's own project. There's no
guaranteed that it will be on the final version of the page,
but it would have a better chance if it is on the draft page.

The page is here:



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