[Bf-committers] 2.43 test suite results some critical errors...

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 07:01:23 CET 2007

Here are the results (only things that i had questions on, or that had
errors are listed all others passed).

I've put exclamation points by the errors, and more exclamation points
means a more critical error

Here is the link to the test suite



action_nla !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - grab the constraint strip move it - then
try undo - it deletes all!

array3 !! - very cool - node_composit_exec_viewer error

dolphin !!!!! - graphical glitch when starting to animate while in
vertex paint mode; then is fine

2 button mouse zoom doesn't work in rendered view of any file

composite_layers - they render at the same time giving wierd update of
the render window

write exr tmp file, 480x300, c:\tmp\COMPOS~2.BLE_Scene.exr

glass !!!!! - error first attempt to render (due to the folder not
being there); then it rendered but it wouldn't play..

halostep - unified no longer exists

motor9 - unified option no longer exists

robot_ao !!!!!!!!!!! - render if far too dark

windows_tra_shadow !!!!!! - dark line on the window centers is darker
in new render

icetest - not clear what is supposed to be done, also nodes only fit
on widescreen, also nodes can't be zoomed out any further

mball - panel should be the metaball - should include changing the
types, using negative, layers etc

mancandy_matching - not sure what is supposed to be going on

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