[Bf-committers] Release... almost there?

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 00:34:25 CET 2007

Okay status update talked to some doc people, etc.

> ==ones I can't find adequate info on==
Mesh Editing - Briggs will add the missing bits.

UV Tools - weren't any changes to speak of according to brecht - so
killed (cambos pythoon uv tools are in the python section)

Texture Brushes - a link has been added to image editing - so killed
off the redundant link

Material Nodes - still unclear as of yet

 ==ones that probably have adequate docs 'somewhere' but not linked
from the release notes page==

Compositing Nodes - bob updated it with links to docs he has been writing

Sequencer  - the manual was updated with current CVS info


will see if the author can put some notes in the release notes.

==has volunteer==
Soft Bodies - joeedh is doing it now

The rest if we can find volunteers to tidy up it would be good.  If
not, I might be able to find some time Wednesday.  Also artists if you
can find some time to do screenshots of menus, and/or usage for the
stuff in the 'close to ready' section it would be appreciated.


> == need some clean up and/or volunteers==
> Rigid Bodies (probably merge or replace with Game Engine Physics?)
> Game Engine Graphics and Logic (not much there...)
> == a number of small unsorted scraps that need a home ==
> Misc
> Other
> >   (I will do the boring go-over-cvs-commits task)
> thanks,
> LetterRip

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